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Round table

The Round Table and the Holy Grail, Gaultier Map, 1470

Synonymous with the Wheel, thus the number of places - six, eight and so on is important symbolically as it is with the wheel.

The Round Table with twelve places is symbolically equivalent to the wheel with the Signs of the zodiac - the twelve Intelligences that are involved in creation and destruction [as opposed to the Planets, Intelligence that control day to day systems].

In effect any Round Table with 12 places is a symbol of a work of co-creation with the objective as the 'Treasure' or Holy Grail.  Thus to be a member of the Round Table is to be associated with these Intelligences and the creation and destruction activities. 

In Europe the symbolism of Arthur and the Round Table is well known, but similar symbolism is used in the round council of the Dalai Lama consisting of the twelve great Namshans , and the Round Table for the Twelve Peers of France, each a form of co-creation.


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