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Wood has different symbolic meanings depending on the system within which it is being used. 

In eastern symbolism it is one of the 5 Chinese elements and is symbolically the beginning of any cycle of change. The alternative name for this stage is 'tree'.  It is a time of growth. In the spiritual path it corresponds approximately to Dawn. The corresponding colour to this stage is Green see the  5 Chinese elements correspondences

In other symbol systems wood can be associated with 'grain' and can thus be a pun on the word.  It means the body, or the husk of a person, the outer fabric within which the soul is to be found.

See also Tree.

Its colour too aids this symbolism as brown is often used to symbolise Earth.

It should also be noted that A wood - that is a group of trees takes on the symbolism of a group of trees!  See both Tree and Sacred Grove.


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