Symbols - What does heaven look like

Old Man

In dreams, visions etc

If we see an old or wise man – bearded, somewhat ancient, slightly benevolent , we are seeing a symbolic image of our own Higher spirit – very exciting.

The image is intended to capture the idea of ‘someone’  who can inspire, threaten, motivate and cajole,  protect and provide us with wisdom, guidance, inspiration, occasional admonishment and dreams, visions and hallucinations.

Take notice of this spirit.  Firstly this is you and you as you will be for eternity!  Second this spirit knows best.

In order to help us the Old Man may appear slightly perverse, almost our opposite in order to get us to do the right thing and fulfil our destiny.  The Old Man  is there to make you think, not just help and support.

During rebirth

The Old Man is a symbol of the old you before any rebirth experience.  In this case, however, the Old man should be accompanied by a child - meaning the new you.

If you see the child juxtaposed with an Old Man, then you are seeing the transition from the old you to the new you, or as Cirlot put it ‘the stage of life when the old man, transformed, acquires a new simplicity….. hence the conception of the child as the mystic centre’.


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