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Brennan, Barbara - Love and binding threads



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Barbara Brennan – Hands of Light

When people fall in love, beautiful arcs of rose light can be seen between their hearts, and a beautiful rose colour is added to the normal golden pulsations I observe in the pituitary gland. 

When people form relationships with each other, they grow cords out of the chakras that connect them.  These cords exist on many levels of the auric field in addition to the astral.  The longer and deeper the relationship, the more cords and the stronger they are.  When relationships end, these cords are torn, sometimes causing a great deal of pain.  The period of ‘getting over’ a relationship is usually a period of disconnecting those cords on the lower levels of the field and rerooting them within the self.

A great deal of interaction takes place between people on the astral level. 

Great blobs of colour of various forms whisk across the room between people.  Some of it is pleasant and some not so pleasant.  You can feel the difference.  You may feel uneasy about someone across the room who is apparently not ever aware of your presence; however, on another level a lot is happening.  I have seen people standing next to one another in a group pretending not to notice each other when on the energy level there is a whole communication taking place with lots of energy forms moving between them. 

You have no doubt experienced this yourself, especially between men and women.  It is not just body language; there is an actual energetic phenomenon that can be perceived.  For example, when a man or woman fantasises about making love with someone, say in a bar or at a party, there is an actual testing in the energy fields to see if the fields are synchronous and if the people are compatible.

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Brennan, Barbara

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