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Dixon, Jeane - The vision of the end of Catholicism



Type of Spiritual Experience


Jeane had a few very very intense visions, which, from their content, I believe to be genuine and extremely important from this site's point of view. 

This vision was her third and came at the end of 1958.  She was again in St Matthew's cathedral.

Remembering that her belief system was very narrow, we can conclude that the figure - which was just a figure in the vision - was not 'the Holy Mother' but a spirit helper there to give her some teaching. And she was clearly told the spirit helper was 'Fatima'.   This spirit helper has appeared before - she is supposed to have appeared to three young Portuguese shepherds, Lúcia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto, starting on 13 May 1917.  

Sadly Jeane didn't understand the vision at all, but it must mark as one of the more fascinating on this site, as the implication actually is that after a certain point the Catholic church and its Pope will cease to exist. 

There are a number of other such prophecies from other people all predicting the same thing and all - interestingly enough predicting that this will happen around  now! 

A description of the experience

Ruth Montgomery – A Gift of Prophecy

Suddenly the very air seemed rarefied.  A glorious light shone from the dome of the cathedral, and before me stood the 'Holy Mother'. She was draped in purplish blue and surrounded by gold and white rays which formed a halo of light around her entire person.

In a cloudlike formation to the right and just above her I read the word 'Fatima' and sensed that the long-secret prophecy of Fatima was to be revealed to me. I saw the throne of the Pope, but it was empty.

Off to one side I was shown a Pope with blood running down his face and dripping over his left shoulder. Green leaves ...showered down from above, expanding as they fell. I saw hands reaching out for the throne, but no one sat in it, ….... Because the unearthly light continued to shine so brightly on the papal throne, I knew that power would still be there but that it would not rest in the person of a Pope. ……. This, I feel sure, was the prophecy of Fatima.

The source of the experience

Dixon, Jeane

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