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Beowulf - Stealing the Dragon's treasure hoard



Type of Spiritual Experience


Most of Beowulf is about shamanic out of body journeys

A description of the experience

He ruled it, well; until One began


- the hoard guarding Dragon of a high barrow
raised above the moor
men did not know
of the way underground to it; but one man did enter,
went right inside, reached the treasure
the heathen hoard, and his hand fell
on a golden goblet.  The guardian, however,
if he had been caught sleeping by the cunning of the thief
did not conceal this loss.  It was not long till the near
dwelling people discovered the dragon was angry
The causer of his pain had not purposed this
It was without relish that he had robbed the hoard
Necessity drove him.  The nameless slave
Of one of the warriors, wanting shelter
On the run from a flogging, had felt his way inside
A sin tormented soul.  When he saw what was there
The intruder was seized with sudden terror
But for all his fear, the unfortunate wretch
Still took the golden treasure cup …
There were heaps of hoard things in this hall underground
Which once in gone days gleamed and rang
The treasure of a race rusting derelict

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