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Plato - Timaeus - On the elements



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Plato – Timaeus

Now that which is created is of necessity corporeal and visible and tangible,--visible and therefore made of fire,--tangible and therefore solid and made of earth.

But two terms must be united by a third, which is a mean between them; and had the earth been a surface only, one mean would have sufficed, but two means are required to unite solid bodies. And as the world was composed of solids, between the elements of fire and earth God placed two other elements of air and water, and arranged them in a continuous proportion—

fire:air::air:water, and air:water::water:earth,

and so put together a visible and palpable heaven, having harmony and friendship in the union of the four elements; and being at unity with itself it was indissoluble except by the hand of the framer.

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