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Fludd, Robert - Integrae Natura



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How to explain this!  Fludd reversed the spiritual layout of the Egg in an attempt to show the physical mapping, but I don't think he succeeded in making things clearer.  In effect, this is an inside out Egg!

This does not mean the diagram is not interesting.  If we look at the map of the Egg, the Earth layer is on the  'outside' vibrationally, but it consists of sub levels and layers which contain the functions [software] of everything in the physical.  Thus what Fludd was trying to convey was the level at which the software could be found.  In effect at which storage level in the spirit world could the software for each species be found.

It would have been of interest to shamanic societies, as most shamans 'descend' vibrationally to access this software to get information on plants and animals in order to hunt and heal.  I, of course, have no idea whether he was 'right' or wrong, but it is so detailed that he must have had some reason to layer it the way he did and my guess is that it probably was visionary experience.

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Fludd, Robert

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