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Emerson, Ralph Waldo - Nature - Nature is the incarnation of a thought



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Ralph Waldo Emerson - Nature

Nature is the incarnation of a thought and turns to a thought again, as ice becomes water and gas.  The world is mind precipitated and the volatile essence is for ever escaping again into the state of free thought.

That power which does not respect quantity, which makes the whole and the particle its equal channel, delegates its smile to the morning and distils its essence into every drop of rain.  Every moment instructs, and every object; for wisdom is infused into every form.  It has been poured into us as blood, it convulsed us as pain, it slid into us as pleasure; it enveloped us in dull, melancholy days, or in days of cheerful labour; we did not guess this essence until after a long time.

Ralph Waldo Emerson – The Poet
The thought and the form are equal in the order of time, but in the order of genesis the thought is prior to the form

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Emerson, Ralph Waldo

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