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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh - Jawami al-kalim - Behind them the barzakh until the day when they will be raised up



Type of Spiritual Experience


The Persian mystics called the level between the perceptible world of our senses [the Form based world] and the higher levels – the barzakh.

A description of the experience

Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa’I – Jawami al-kalim  [translated by Henry Corbin and Nancy Pearson]

The world of the barzakh, intermediate between the present world and the saeculum venturium is the mundus archetypus, the autonomous world of forms and images; it is the world intermediate between the world of the Malakut and the visible, material world.  The term Hurqalya is used to designate the heavens of this intermediate world, together with all the heavenly bodies they contain…………….

There are verses from the Qur’an like the following ‘Behind them the barzakh until the day when they will be raised up (23:202)……….

Indeed the world of the Malakut is made up of substances and beings separate from matter, while our visible, physical world is made up of material realities.  There necessarily has to be an intermediary between the two worlds, a barzakh, that is a world whose state is neither the absolutely subtle state of separate substances, nor the opaque density of the material things of our world.  In the absence of such a universe, there would be a leap – a hiatus – in the gradation of being.  

Shaikh Ahmad Ahsa’i – Kitab Sharh al-Ziyara [translated by  Henry Corbin and Nancy Pearson]

The second jasad is hidden in the first; it also is composed of Elements, not the Elements of our world, but of the world of Hurqalya from which it came down.  All its separate parts and the connections between them endure ‘in the tomb’ because it keeps its shape so well that all its parts remain perfectly articulated.

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Ahmad Ahsai, Shaykh

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