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Blithe spirit - I almost reached the Light



Type of Spiritual Experience


Achieved using Monroe Hemi-sync tchnology

A description of the experience


Level 12 [? think] -  I am on carpet again [well flat rug this time] sailing along over a huge sea, no land in sight but I have turned right and seem to be heading towards a darker [and not very nice looking] area

Level 15 upwards - rug turns round and starts to go up in spiral motion, it gets lighter and more pleasant, then rug turns left and it flies under a huge cloud base, very thick impenetrable.  Seems to go on for ages

Level 21 - I suddenly reach a whirling mass of cloud leading to a sort of vortex, like the eye of a hurricane.  Not at all like the vortex I went down on the course, this one is all clouds swirling round.

 - I get knocked about quite a bit and have to hang on like a little insect on a leaf, the vision keeps on repeating itself as if I am being sent back and then brought forward repeatedly

- Then I see a sort of hemispherical eye - like a lizards eye, with a slit in it, it is yellow and I am getting closer, very large in the centre of the storm

 - Back and then forwards, but at a certain point I seem to get through into complete whiteness - bright light but nothing else. Then the sound system calls me back and I seem to fall out of it - falling hanging onto the rug as it spirals down and down towards the sea again

- And then it all ends

The source of the experience

Blithe spirit

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