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Boehme, Jacob - Aurora - The interior or hollowness in the body of man



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One of the best descriptions one can find on man as the microcosmos and the Egg as the cosmos - or put another way how the spiritual structure of the universe is mirrored in every object, that the universe is an Egg and man is structured like the egg and each aggregate is structured like the Egg all contain the same levels and layers and the same constituents.

Note that the entire description is symbolic and uses the common symbolism explained on this website


A description of the experience

Jacob Boehme – Aurora [some paragraphs combined for clarity]

The interior or hollowness in the body of man is, and signifieth, the deep between the stars and the earth

The whole body with all its parts signifieth heaven and earth. To the neck  it signifieth and is the round circle or sphere of the stars as also the deep within or between the stars, wherein the planets and elements rein

The head signifieth heaven; the same is grown on the body, by the veins, passages and going forth of powers; and so all the powers come again from the head and brain into the body, into the fountain-veins or arteries of the flesh

The flesh signifieth the earth, and is also from earth.  The flesh is congealed  and hath no motion and so the flesh in itself hath no reason, comprehensibility or mobility, but is moved only by the power of the stars which rein in the flesh and the veins

The blood signifieth the water and is from water

The breath signifieth the air and is also air

The windpipe and arteries wherein the air qualifieth and operateth, signify the deep between the stars and the earth, wherein fire, air and water qualify in an elementary manner, and so the warmth, the air and water, qualify also in the windpipe and arteries, as they do in the deep above the earth

The veins signify the powerful flowings out from the stars, and are also the powerful outgoings of the stars; for the stars with their powers reign in the veins, and drive forth the form, shape and condition in men [streams and rivers]

The entrails or guts signify the operation of the stars, or their consuming of all that which is proceeded from their power, for whatsoever they themselves have made, that they consume again and remain still in their virtue and power; and so the guts also are the consuming of all that which man thrusteth and stuffest into his guts, even all whatsoever groweth from the power of the stars

The heart in man signifieth the heat or the element of fire; and it is also the heat; for the heat in the whole body hath its original in the heart

The liver signifieth the element of water, and it is also the water; for from the liver cometh the blood in the whole body into all the members.  The liver is the mother of the blood

The lungs signify the earth and are also of the same quality

The feet signify near and afar off; for near and afar off are all one in God [the spiritual world] ; and so man by means of his feet can come and go near and far off; let him be where he will, he is in nature neither near nor afar off; for in God  these are one thing

The hands signify God’s omnipotence; for as God   in nature can change all things, and make of them what he pleaseth, so man also can with his hands change all things which grow in or proceed from nature, and can make with his hands out of them what he pleaseth;  He ruleth with his hands the work and being of the whole nature and so they well signify the omnipotence of God [the spiritual world]

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Boehme, Jacob

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