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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Blithe spirit - Thought palaces in pink and gold



Type of Spiritual Experience


COMMENT:  I have always had faith in the spiritual and a creative spirit of some sort, without any idea of what that spirit was.  My faith was based on the beauty of the world, its order and its harmony.  My faith was thus based more on the material world than any real experience of the spiritual. 

Maybe this was simply to show me that I was not wrong to have these feelings.  But I think they also wanted to how me the nature of this Spirit, this Creative/Destructive force and power – to show me just how magnificent this Pure Light, this Intelligence is.  I can only say that from this I ‘know’ that ‘God’ is not a personal God. 

We may or may not have helpers, I suppose we do in a sense – the sylph was my helper in a way – although each time I’ve tried this I seem to get a different helper depending on what they want to show me and teach me - , but if this is God, it has other purposes.  We may be there to help with that purpose, we must be part of the plan in some way, but whatever part we are taking, it is tiny tiny and this level of Intelligence is beyond concern for individual contribution



A description of the experience

  1. I am sinking into a peaceful semi dream

  2. My hands raise up, at least a white ghost of my hands raises up in a sort of prayer position

  3. A long elongated figure rises up. It isn’t me because I can still see my hands, so it is something else. It gradually goes up, then grasps my hands. It isn’t very big, it is white, sort of translucent, long flowing with very elongated fingers, a spirit I suppose of some sort

  4. I am pulled up and up. We go through a really misty sort of area where there appears to be nothing, this seems to go on for ages I can hardly see in front of me let alone see the spirit, but I know it is still pulling me up because my hands are in its hands.

  5. We break free of the mist and it is below us a huge expanse of wispy thick ‘cloud’ white with gentle undulations along it. We are in a vast space whitish cream in colour, not blue, slightly misty, not clear, but not thick like the mist below. Lots of clear light.

  6. I can ‘see’ the spirit now. It isn’t very big. He is really playful, joyful and keeps doing twirls and circles and spirals in the air with me. As if he is like a leaf in an air current. I think he is trying to tell me what he is – could he be an air spirit – a sylph?

  7. We go up further now straight up and I see the upper barrier again – a purplish grey sort of cloud barrier. Impenetrable, which the sylph ‘says’ is forbidden

  8. Suddenly, a lovely lovely sight a golden pink castle, very large, walled with ‘turrets’ at least sort of spires that come up from within the walls. No windows though and one large smooth door. There is a golden pink path like a river leading from the lower cloud to the palace.

  9. We circle round the castle. I ask what it is, the sylph says it is a ‘thought palace’. I am stumped and ‘say’ what is a thought palace and he ‘says’ ‘for me to find out’. I ask him whether I can see inside and he ‘says’ ‘no it is forbidden to me’. I ask why and he ‘says’ because I am ‘not ready’. So we continue and reach the door

  10. He grasps one of my hands and pushes it into the door. It isn’t solid. It is a sort of liquid metallic substance, warm, shiny a bit like golden pink mercury. You can run your fingers up and down the door and it just flows back to where it was. Fascinating

  11. We move on. Now I can see in the distance a lot more ‘thought palaces’ all in different colours and sizes. There must be thousands but they merge into the creamy mistiness in the distance. It is a bit like a summer morning just after dawn when there is a mist about – a really nice effect. There is a wonderful blue palace and a green one we appear to be going to. They all seem to be walled at least they have walls with no windows and the palace bit seems to be inside.

  12. The green one is vast, but different to the pink/gold one. It is more like a gemstone in colour maybe an emerald. But it isn’t cold and its edges aren’t sharp. It gives way too when you touch it, your hands swim in this sort of luminescent sea of green light. We go over the top. There are turrets like huge rock crystals all poking out from below. It must be miles wide. In the depths it is a deep deep green, like you see in the sea sometimes, but above it is much lighter but always a clear green, semi transparent and glowing from within. These palaces seem to give off light. The sylph says ‘thought palace’ again. I ask ‘what sort’. He take me round the side and there is a single tree just hovering in the air with its roots showing and its branches covered in leaves. He gives no explanation, again ‘for me to work out’ Like a sort of clue I suppose.

  13. we pass the blue palace, but we don’t stop instead we rise up above them all. We are at the level of the upper cloud now and the air is very clear here. There seem to be thousands of palaces below, all shining he sorts of gestures with a very long finger as if to try to indicate that there are more, or at least this isn’t it, there is a lot more to see here……………. 

  14. Above us in the upper purply grey cloud is a whirlpool of cloud.  It is moving very slowly, a mass of swirling cloud just turning slightly.  There seems to be energy coming both from it and going to it.  There are little blobs of various colours gently floating up into the cone and other blobs coming down, sinking and then dispersing at the entrance.  My sylph doesn’t answer my question, as to what they are, instead he indicates that he has to leave me here, because – he somehow indicates he wouldn’t survive up there.  I become quite frightened because he is leaving me and leaving me next to something which would destroy him.  Think what it might do to me

  15. He says I will not be long alone and he flies off and disappears.  I am all alone.  Then as he disappears a vast cloud of what looks like gold glitter descends from the whirlpool.  It feels hugely powerful, a mass of energy.  It coagulates and becomes a vast flame, not a flickering flame, but flame shaped and giving off a golden light.  I feel very very small and insignificant and powerless.  This is something so massive and more significant than me I feel sort of pointless.  Like an amoeba in the presence of a human!  A little dust speck in creation. It ‘says’ to not be afraid but that I must be inside to be protected.  But I am afraid, really afraid.  It ‘says’ it is my new teacher and I have to be shown something.  It does not say why.  I go into the flame.  Inside it sort of emanates vast vast energy, but I feel that it does indeed want to protect me and that there does seem to be some sort of purpose

  16. I can see through the flame and we are climbing up.  Very very slowly but up towards the end of the cone.  This cone is different from any others I’ve come across.  The ‘eye’ on the end is open, and there is no iris or protective ‘door’ pupil or similar.  Maybe the door is open because I am inside the flame and I can be let through without any restriction.

  17. All I can perceive though is Light, just pure pure light.  Pure Light.  Pure Light.   I start to cry [apparently my helper says I was actually crying at this time real tears from beneath the light blotter].  I am overwhelmed by the power and the pure light and the feeling.  This feeling is not bliss or peace this is humility in the face of something so much greater than any of us I cannot express it in words.  Raw power, massive force, an unimaginable ‘intelligence’, how can this be expressed, it isn’t possible, if I felt small before I feel truly nothing now.  All I feel is awe.  If this is God, I have no idea why people think they can ask for help, the level of intellect is light years away from us.  We would never understand the reply.

  18. The flame then brings me slowly down and simply ‘says’ ‘that is all, it was important you knew’.  It opens like a sort of petal and my spirit flies out and is free.  The vision ends.  I am brought back by my helper.


The source of the experience

Blithe spirit

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