Spiritual concepts


A sylph is a spirit being that is responsible for a one of the systems of gases. 

There is one sylph for each type of gas thus an oxygen sylph, a  nitrogen sylph, a hydrogen sylph, a nitrous oxide sylph,  a carbon dioxide sylph, a carbon monoxide sylph, and so on. 

The sylphs often appear in visions and out of body experiences with an image that matches their properties.  Many are ethereal and elongated,  light and capable of extraordinary acrobatic manoevres. 

I think, but do not know, that sylphs govern the rules by which we get wind or breezes, air flow, turbulence, lift in airplanes and weather patterns [up to a point] high and low air pressures.  There is probably an interaction between the systems of the salamanders [fire systems] and the gas systems.  As 'light' produces warmth and it is warmth that causes differences in air temperatures and movements of air, mathematically the existence of these processes is known scientifically – but not expressed by meteorologists in precise terms.

In olden days people saw these spirits when they inhaled smoke, the fumes from incense, or smoke from pipes etc.  The term Sylph (also called sylphid) originates in Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as invisible beings of the air, elementals of air.  They were also known as Ariels.


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