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Myōe – Truly (such a thing as] one's own body does not [really] exist



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Some confusion may arise from the terminology here.

Myoe's assemblage = our aggregates

We have no specific term to describe his notion of an aggregate, however:

Form = form

Sensation = sensations

Thought volition = perceptions

And  consciousness that constitute the self = Will + Ego/Personality

A description of the experience

From Shingon Refractions – Professor Mark Unno

An important aspect of emptiness critique is to point out the impermanent, provisional nature of the phenomenal world:

 Truly (such a thing as] one's own body does not [really] exist, for the body [one] acquires is nothing more than a temporary assemblage. [One attains] the realm of buddhas and bodhisattvas by abandoning this (temporary abode] and manifesting the original nature of mind."

There is originally no master among the four great elements [of earth water, fire, and air] or the five aggregates [of form, sensation, thought volition, and consciousness that constitute the self]. For whom are the ten directions established? Their original nature is the body of emptiness that is self-evident.

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