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Hokusai - Tama river in the Musashi province Katsushika



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William Wordsworth Peter Bell

There’s something in a flying horse,
There’s something in a huge balloon,
But through the clouds I’ll never float
Until I have a little boat
In shape just like the crescent moon
And now I have a little boat
In shape just like the crescent moon.
Fast through the clouds my boat can sail,
But if perchance your faith should fail,
Look up and you shall see me soon
Away we go, my boat and I,
Sure never man had such another
Whether among the winds we strive
Or deep into the heavens we drive
We’re both contented with each other

Away we go, and what care we
For treasons, tumults and for wars?
We are as calm in our delight
As is the crescent moon so bright
Among the scattered stars

 Up goes my boat between the stars
Through many a breathless field of light
Through many a long blue field of aether
Leaving ten thousand stars beneath her
Up goes my little boat so bright

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