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S'RÎMAD BHÂGAVATAM – Canto 11, Chapter 03 – End of the world



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CANTO 11:  Krishna's Final Instructions

From Chapter 3: Liberation from Mâyâ and Karma Knowing and Worshiping the Lord

 (8) When the dissolution of the material elements is near the Time that is Without a Beginning or an End, withdraws the manifest universe consisting of the gross objects and subtle modes into the unmanifest

 (9) There will be a terrible drought on earth that lasts for a hundred years, so that the three worlds during that period will be seriously scorched by the accumulated heat of the sun.

 (10) Beginning from the lower regions [Pâtâla], the fire, with its flames fanned by the winds shooting upwards from the mouth of Sankarshana, will burn all directions.

 (11) Great masses of samvartaka ['end time'] clouds will rain for a hundred years with torrents as long as elephant trunks, so that everything will be inundated.

 (12) Oh King, the universe will thereupon, like a fire running out of fuel, be abandoned by the Personality of the Universal Form, as He [in the form of Brahmâ] enters the subtle reality of the unseen

(13) The earth, by the wind deprived of its aroma, changes [back] into water and the water by the same process [of the wind] being deprived of its taste, becomes fire

 (14) Fire, by darkness deprived of its form, turns into air and the air, losing its [quality of] touch, dissolves into the aether. When the aether, by the Supreme Soul of Time is deprived of its quality [of sound], it merges into the ego [of not-knowing].

 (15) The senses, the mind and the intelligence oh King, merge together with the gods  into the ego-element and the I-awareness merges together with all its guna-qualities into the Supreme Self

(16) After thus for you having described the three departments of this bewildering energy, this agent of the Supreme Lord consisting of maintenance, creation and dissolution [characterized by goodness, passion and ignorance], what would you like to hear more from us?'

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