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Kipling, Rudyard - Just So stories - Before the High and Far-Off Times



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Rudyard Kipling – Just So Stories

Before the High and Far-Off Times, O my best beloved, came the Time of the Very Beginnings; and that was in the days when the Eldest Magician was getting things ready.  First he got the Earth ready; then he got the Sea ready; and then he told the Animals that they could come out and play


On top of the hill you can see All-the-Elephant-there-was, and All-the-Cow-There-was, and All-The-Turtle-There-Was going off to play as the Eldest Magician told them.... Under the hill there are Animals who have been taught the game they were to play.  You can see All-The-Tiger-There-Was smiling at All-the-Bones-There-were, and you can see All-The-Elk-There-Was, and All-The-Parrot-There-Was, and All-The-Bunnies-There-Were on the hill.

The other Animals are on the other side of the hill, so I haven't drawn them.  The little house up on the hill is All-The-House-There-Was.  The Eldest Magician made it to show the Man how to make houses when he wanted to.

The snake round that spiky hill is All-The-Snake-There-Was and he is talking to All-The-Monkey-There-Was and the Monkey is being rude to the Snake and the Snake is being rude to the Monkey. 


The thing that looks like bricks that the Man is standing in, is the Big Miz-Maze.  When the Man has done talking with the Eldest Magician he will walk in the Big Miz-Maze, because he has to.  The mark on the stone under the man's foot is a magic mark; and down underneath I have drawn the three Magic Flowers all mixed up with the Magic Cloud.

All this picture is Big Medicine and Strong Magic.

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Kipling, Rudyard

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