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S'RÎMAD BHÂGAVATAM – Canto 11, Chapter 09 – The Great Work



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(16) The one Self, the One Lord without a second who became the Foundation and Reservoir of All, is Nârâyana, the Godhead who by His own potency created the universe in the beginning and by His potency of Time withdraws His creation within Himself at the end of the kalpa.

(17-18) When the material powers of sattva and so on, are balanced by the time factor that is the potency of the True Self [the Soul, the Lord], the Original Personality, the purusha is found as the Supreme Controller, the Lord of both the primary nature [pradhâna] and the person. He, the worshipable object of all conditioned and transcendental souls has His existence in the purest experience that one describes as kaivalya [or beatitude], the fulness of the blissful state

(19) By means of the pure potency of His Self, His own bewildering energy composed of the three modes, He oh subduer of the enemies, at the onset of creation agitating [in the form of Time], manifests the plan of matter [the sûtra, the thread, the rule or direction of the mahat-tattva,

(20) This universe, in which the living being finds its existence [of repeated births], is strung and bound as the cause of the three modes that [in their turn] bring about the different categories of the manifestation, so one says

(21) The way a spider expands its thread from itself, with that thread by its mouth enjoys [its meal] and swallows that thread again, the Supreme Lord also operates.

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