Symbols - What does heaven look like


The context in which the spider is seen is key as the spider can have several symbolic meanings 

  • Underlying fear - If we are frightened of spiders it can simply represent a fear we have, just one of perhaps many underlying things blocking our spiritual progress.  Thus maybe we are frightened of change or death, or our parents, or of forming close friendships or relationships for fear of being hurt. 
  • Spirit being - Spiders – especially if they are not very realistic looking spiders  - can be used as the image of some spirit beings particularly those that are related to man made pharmaceuticals and chemicals.  They have even been used to represent food additives where the food additive is clearly poisoning the person and the composer wants the person to know about it.  Again, a fear of spiders is being used to reinforce the message – lay off the chemicals!

In effect where the person has a fear of spiders, it is being used to provide a message of warning and help, lay off the chemicals and conquer the demons!

BUT, outside of these more prosaic meanings the spider has considerable significance and the significance is that related to the symbolism of the web.  For more details see Web, where the symbolism of the web and the spider are explained together.


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