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Rabbi Isaac As quoted in Gershom Scholem – On the Kabbalah and its symbolism

In God's right hand were engraved all the engravings [innermost forms] that were destined some day to rise from Potency to act. From the emanation of all [higher]  sefiroth they were graven, scratched, and molded into the sefirah of Grace (hesed), which is also called God's right hand, and this was done in an inward, inconceivably subtle way. This formation is called the concentrated, not yet unfolded Torah, and also the Torah of Grace.

Along with all the other engravings two engravings were made in it. The one has the form of the written Torah, the other the form of the oral Torah. The form of the written Torah is that of the colours of white fire, and the form of the oral Torah has coloured forms as of black fire. And all these engravings and the not yet unfolded Torah existed potentially, perceptible neither to a spiritual nor to a sensory eye, until the will [of God] inspired the idea of activating them by means of primordial wisdom and hidden knowledge.

Thus at the beginning of all acts there was pre-existentially the not yet unfolded Torah [torah kelulah], which is in God's right hand with all the primordial forms [literally: inscriptions and engravings] that are hidden in it, and this is what the Midrash implies when it says that God took the primordial Torah (torah kedumah), which stems from the quarry of 'repentance' and the source of original wisdom, and in one spiritual act emanated the not yet unfolded Torah in order to give permanence to the foundations of all the worlds.

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