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Clark, Fay Marvin – Into the Light – The Nagual, the order of Creation in Mayan cosmology and the Three Worlds



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Hunabku = Ultimate intelligence

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Into the Light – Fay Marvin Clark

In replying to our query about the nagual (Higher spirit) we were told that Hunabku created all naguals at one time, long before the Earth was created, while it was still only in the thought of Hunabku. At that time the naguals lived in the spirit world, and observed when our world was formed. The naguals aided in the evolution of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. They were filled with joy at the beauty of creation and received permission from Hunabku to aid in the evolution of early man by blending their consciousness with the dim consciousness of early man to hasten his evolution. This was the first uniting of nagual and man.

…..If a physical body were destroyed by any means, the nagual, being non-physical, could not be destroyed. It was released from the body and returned to the spirit world, where it shared its earth experiences with the other naguals. After a time it again returned to the "Earth Vibration," and again entered into a newborn child's vibratory rate, to start earth life anew, becoming something of a guardian for the child.

It is believed that nagual helps lay out the course of life, even before the body is born, but only if it has advanced sufficiently through prior earth lives. If not, more advanced naguals help it pick out the parents who will provide the infant body who will be that nagual's vehicle for its next physical expression.

The Mayans believe in fate, but curiously enough, they also believe that fate or (Karma) can be changed by prayer and meditation, combined with one's deep desire. Even the goal of life laid out for you by your nagual can be exceeded by one's own determination to do so. In some respects the nagual appears to be a second entity or guide, although it is generally believed that the nagual is your spirit and your real self……………

[there is also a ] belief that we have three minds - the conscious, the subconscious, (dream mind), and the nagual mind, and that the nagual mind is either a part of Hunabku or it is in constant contact if it wishes to be.

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