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Khan, Hazrat Inayat - The Mysticism of Sound and Music - The Word



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Hazrat Inayat Khan – The Mysticism of Sound and Music

In the beginning the Word was there.  The rocks were not made – even from a scientific point of view – before vibration manifested.  First there was the vibration and then followed the rocks.  The difference between the mystical and scientific point of view is this – that the scientist says that the rock intelligence developed by a gradual process and the mystic says ‘No, the rock was only a grade of intelligence; intelligence was first and the rock came later


 We find in the Bible the words 'In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God' …. These are not only religious verses; to the mystic or seer the deepest revelation is contained in them.  Here is a thought which may be pondered over for years, each time with fresh inspiration.  It teaches that the first sign of life that manifested was … the word.  When we compare this interpretation with the Vedanta philosophy, we find that the two are identical.  Not only among Hindus but among the seers of the Semitic (Hebraic) races the great importance of the word was recognised.  The sacred names, the sacred words, were always esteemed in the Jewish religion.  Also in Islam.... one finds the doctrine of Ismaism which translated is the doctrine of the mystical word


 The idea is simply that all that exists has come out of the word and goes back to the word and in its own being all is the word............

the Vedanta scriptures which existed many thousands of years ago use a phrase in Sanskrit – Nada Brahma – which means the mystery of creation was in Nada – in the word

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Khan, Hazrat Inayat

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