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Gnostic Gospels - Sophia of Jesus Christ



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One interesting question which arises from knowing God existed prior to creation, with functions which were not of creation, might be, where did all these extra functions, for example God's intellect, come from? If God existed prior to creation, then what created God?

Given the possibility that more than one God exists - one for each galaxy, for example, - some speculate that a further super God may have created each of these sub-Gods. But of course you could go on indefinitely like this.

I could find no one prepared to state they ‘knew’ but a few prepared to hazard an opinion, some philosophers appear to have invented the concept of the ‘Godhead’ to get round this problem.

I have grouped two related observations here fro contrast, but given the attribution to the Gnostic gospels as being the first chronologically

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The Sophia of Jesus Christ – the Gnostic Gospels

The Almighty king of the Universe is called not just the Father, but also our Grand Father, for He was the source of all that was to come
Seeing His own self as if reflected in a mirror, He manifested, representing Himself
His similitude was the Divine Self and Father; the opponent of all that opposes,
Primordial, Unborn, Self existent, equal in eternity with His own Light, but greater in power
He who always existed, before the Universe was created, entered into eternity, as the Self Originated Father, full of effulgent light. Then he willed His similitude to become an almighty power. 

Meister Eckhart
All that is in the Godhead is one. Therefore we can say nothing. He is above all nature. God works, so doth not the God head. Therein they are distinguished - in working and not working. The end of all things is the hidden Darkness of the eternal Godhead, unknown and never to be known….......
In the naked Godhead there is never any form or idea. He is an absolute, pure, clear, One – the impenetrable Darkness of the eternal Godhead.
God and Godhead are as different as earth is from heaven. Moreover I declare, the outward and the inward man are as different too as earth and heaven. God is higher, many thousand miles....
God works, the Godhead does no work, there is nothing to do, in it is no activity. It never envisaged any work. God and Godhead are as different as active and inactive.

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Gnostic Gospels, the

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