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I think the translator had problems here in trying to capture what Spinoza actually said. For ‘idea’ read function or system, then the following makes more sense. 

As a composite human body consisting of lots of organs and parts, each with their own functions or sub-systems, we essentially consist of all these systems, plus the concept of the mind, which applies to the aggregate as a whole.  All of these systems and sub-systems, including the functions that make up the mind, are also a part of the Ultimate Intelligence – God – the sum of all function and system.

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Baruch Spinoza - Ethics

The idea that constitutes the formal being of the human mind is the idea of a body which is composed of a great many highly composite individuals.  But of each individual composing the body there is an idea of God.  Therefore the idea of the human body is composed of these many ideas of the parts composing the body

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Spinoza, Baruch

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