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Bruno, Giordano – Cause, principle and unity - 11 The Fifth Dialogue



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Giordano Bruno – from Cause, principle and unity

Since the infinite is all that it can be, it is immobile;
since in it everything is indifferent, it is one;
and since it possesses all the greatness and perfection that can possibly be possessed, beyond all limit, it is the maximum and supreme immensity.
If the point does not differ from the body, nor the centre from the circumference, nor the finite from the infinite, nor the maximum from the minimum, we may certainly affirm that the universe is entirely centre, or that the centre of the universe is everywhere, and the circumference nowhere insofar as it is different from the centre;
or else that the circumference is everywhere, but the centre is nowhere insofar as it differs from the circumference.
Here, then, is how it is not impossible, but rather necessary, that the optimum, the maximum, the incomprehensible is everything, is everywhere, is in everything, for, being simple and indivisible, it can be everything, be everywhere and be in everything.
Thus, not for nothing is it said that Jove fills all things, inhabits all parts of the universe, is the centre of everything which has being:
one in all, and that through which all is one, and is that which, being all things and comprehending all being in itself causes everything to be in everything.

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Bruno, Giordano

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