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Barddas - The Vision of Menw Manu



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The following extract is from the Barddhas, but is a record of a vision experienced by Menw Manu, the ‘Son of the Three Shouts’, a Celt…..

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Rev. John Williams editor - Barddas; or, a Collection of Original Documents, Illustrative of the Theology, Wisdom, and Usages of the Bardo-Druidic System of the Isle of Britain

When God pronounced His Name, with the Word sprang the Light and life, for previously there was no life except God himself. His name was pronounced and with the utterance was the springing of light and vitality and man and every living thing. And Menw beheld the springing of the light and its form and appearance not otherwise than in 3 columns and in the rays of light the vocalisation

  • for one was the hearing and seeing

  • one unitedly the form and sound

  • and one unitedly with form and sound was life

  • and unitedly with these was power, which power was God the Father

And since each of these was one unitedly he understood that every voice and hearing and living being and sight and sensing were unitedly with God, nor is the least thing other than God

And it was on hearing the sound of the voice which had in it the kind and utterance of 3 notes, that he obtained three letters and knew the sign that was suitable to one and other of them …. Thus the voice was heard, placed on record in the symbol, and meaning attached to each of the three notes:

  • the sense of the O was given to the first column

  • the sense of the I to the middle column

  • and the sense of W to the third column

Whence the Word OIW

That is to say it was by means of this word that God declared His existence, life, power, eternity, universality

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