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Philo - On rewards



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Philo – On Rewards

[Philosophers] have as I said advanced from down to up by a sort of heavenly ladder and by reason and reflection happily inferred the Creator from His works. But those, if such there be, who have had the power to apprehend Him through Himself without the co-operation of any reasoning process to lead them to the sight, must be recorded as holy and genuine worshippers and friends of God in very truth. In their company is he who in the Hebrew is called Israel but in our tongue the God-seer who sees not his real nature, for that, as I said, is impossible – but that He is. And this knowledge he has gained not from any source, not from things on earth or things in Heaven, not from the elements or combination of elements mortal or immortal, but at the summons of Him alone who has willed to reveal His existence

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