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Boehme, Jacob - Aurora - The nature of God



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This is an exceptionally important set of paragraphs as it almost defies all taught within established doctrines.

What Boehme is saying is that the functions of God make up everything, whatever we look at in the creation, whatever attribute or function, when added together equals God.  Of equal importance is that every contrasting function is there, we make subjective judgements about what is 'good' and 'bad', heaven and hell, from our perspective.  To us a virus is 'bad' because it can kill us, but to a virus, we may be looked on as bad, because our immune system spends most of its time trying to kill it.    Thus every single function of every single thing = God, and since attributes are equal to function, the same is true of attributes.

Quality = function = attribute

or analogously quality = function = spirit/software program

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Jacob Boehme – Aurora - Chapter 1.

  1. Though flesh and blood cannot conceive or apprehend the being of God, but the spirit only when enlightened and kindled from God
  2. Yet if a man will speak of God and say what God is then:
    1. A man must diligently consider the powers in Nature
    2. Also the whole creation, heaven and earth
    3. The stars, the elements and the creatures that are prceeded from them.  As also the holy angels, devils and men; moreover heaven and hell
  3. In this consideration are found two qualities, a good one and a bad one, which are in each other as one thing in this world, in all powers, in the stars and the elements, as also in all the creatures; and no creature in the flesh, in the natural life can subsist unless it hath the two qualities
  4. Now here a man must consider what the word quality meaneth or is.  A quality is the mobility, boiling, springing or driving of a thing

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Boehme, Jacob

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