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Stapledon, Olaf - Starmaker - Extinction and destruction



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Olaf Stapledon - Star Maker

 …..even if the powers destroy us... who are we to condemn them? 

As well might a fleeting word judge the speaker that forms it.  Perhaps they use us for their own high ends, use our strength and our weakness, our joy and our pain, in some theme inconceivable to us

Oh, Star Maker, even if you destroy me I must praise you. 

Even if you torture my dearest. 

Even if you torment and waste all your lovely worlds, the little figments of your imagination, yet I must praise you.  For if you do so, it must be right.  In me it would be wrong, but in you it must be right.

But if there is no Star Maker, what can it be that I praise?  I do not know.  I will call it only the sharp tang and savour of existence. 

But to call it that is to say little.

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Stapledon, Olaf

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