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Clement of Alexandria - Excerpta - On the Planets



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Clement of Alexandria – Excerpta

Excerpta  10:3-4: As for the protoctists, even while they are distinct in number, and individually defined and circumscribed, the similarity of [their] deeds nevertheless points to [their] unity, equality and being alike. Among the seven, there has not been given more to the one and less to the other; nor is any of them lacking in advancement; [they] have received perfection from the beginning, at the first  [moment of their] coming into being, from God through the Son.

Excerpta  11:4: And each of the spiritual beings has, on the one hand, both its proper power and its individual dispensation; but, on the other hand, given that the protoctists have come to be and have received [their] perfection at the same time, their service is common and undivided.

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Clement of Alexandria

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