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Eriugena, Johannes Scotus - Peryphyseon – The Ultimate Intelligence



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Periphyseon II 675c

The creative nature permits nothing outside itself because outside it nothing can be, yet everything which it has created and creates it contains within itself, but in such a way that it itself is other, because it is superessential, than what it creates within itself

Periphyseon II 589b-c

God does not know of Himself what He is because He is not a ‘what’, being in everything incomprehensible both to Himself and to every intellect … but He does not recognise Himself as being something (se opsum autem non cognoscit aliquid esse) …. For if He were to recognise Himself in something He would show that He is not in every respect infinite and incomprehensible.



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Eriugena, Johannes Scotus

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