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van Ruysbroeck, Jan - The Adornment of the Spiritual marriage - Whosoever would know God would go mad



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Ruysbroeck’s definition of God is in line with the generic one I provided – a super Intelligence that is the summation of all function and thereby inaccessible.  We contain some of the functions of God, because God is made of all function, so we have a little bit of God in us.  We have access to a smaller part of God via our Higher spirit  which  contains aspects of the truly divine

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The Adornment of the Spiritual marriage – Ruysbroeck

The incomprehensible and most high nature of God transcends all creatures in heaven and on earth.  For all that a creature can comprehend is of the creature; but God is above all creatures and within and without all creatures and every created comprehension is too narrow to comprehend Him.  Whosoever then would know and understand what God is – which is not permitted – he would go mad

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van Ruysbroeck, Jan

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