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Chuang Tzu - In the beginning of Beginnings was Void of Void



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In the beginning of
Beginnings was Void of Void
The Nameless
And in the Nameless was the One, without body, without form
This One – this Being in whom all find power to exist
Is the Living
From the Living, comes the
Formless, the Undivided.

From the act of this Formless, come the Existents, each according
To its inner principle. 
This is Form.
Here body embraces and cherishes spirit
The two work togather as one, blending and manifesting their characters
And this is Nature
But he who obeys Nature returns through Form and Formless to the Living
And in the Living
Joins the unbegun Beginning
The joining is Sameness. The sameness is Void.  The Void is Infinite
The bird opens its beak and sings its note
And then the beak comes together again in Silence

The source of the experience

Chuang Tzu

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