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Kabir - Breathe in that Word



Type of Spiritual Experience


A description of the experience

Breathe in that Word out of which the whole Milky Way has come!
That Word is your teacher; I heard that sound, and I am its disciple
How many are there alive who have taken in its meaning?
Listen student, hold to that Word!  Do it!
All the old texts and holy poems shout about it.
The world has its deep roots in that Word
The Rishas and the devotees babble about it
but no one grasps how mysterious the Word is!
The father gets up from supper and walks out when he hears it
The ascetic returns to love when he hears it
The Six Great Systems keep laying it all out.
The animal of renunciation drives towards that Word
The world with all its elephants and microbes has jumped, jumped out of the Word
Inside the Word, everything is full of light

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