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Mircea Eliade - A sketch of the Ket or Yenisai Ostyak



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Mircea Eliade – Shamanism Archaic techniques of ecstasy

Benevolent as the gods and spirits ‘above’ may be, they are unfortunately passive and hence of almost no help in the drama of human existence.  They inhabit ‘the upper spheres of the sky, scarcely mingle in human affairs, and have relatively less influence on the course of life than the spirits of the bis below’, who are vindictive, closer to earth, allied to men by ties of blood and a much stricter organisation into clans.

The chief of the celestial gods and spirits is Art Toyon Aga, the Lord Chief father of the World, who resides ‘in the nine spheres of the sky’.  Powerful he remains inactive; he shines like the sun, which is his emblem, he speaks through the voice of the thunder, but he mingles little in human affairs.  We should address prayers to him for our daily needs in vain; we may trouble his rest only in extraordinary cases, and even then he grudges mingling in human affairs

Reference B D Shimkin – A sketch of the Ket or Yenisai Ostyak; also Sieroszewski

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