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Eriugena, Johannes Scotus - Peryphyseon – Form



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Eriugena, Johannes Scotus - Periphyseon  I.479b, 483c, II.590a-b

Matter is nothing else but a certain composition of accidents which proceeds from invisible causes to visible matter.... Whether one call it place or limit or term or definition or circumscription, one and the same thing is denoted, namely the confine of a finite creature....

There is no creature, whether visible or invisible, which is not confined in something within the limits of its proper nature by measure and number and weight....

But God understands that He is in none of those things but recognizes that He [is] above all the orders of nature by reason of the excellence of His wisdom, and below all things by reason of the depth of His power... He alone is the measure without measure, the number without number, the weight without weight.

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Eriugena, Johannes Scotus

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