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Meister Eckhart - Selected writings - The multitude of angels is a number beyond all numbers



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Meister Eckhart selected writings – edited and translated by Oliver Davies

The masters say that the multitude of angels is a number beyond all numbers.  Their multitude is so great that it cannot be contained by a number; it cannot even be conceived of……..

An angel is also so exalted that according to the best teachers, every angel is its own complete species……  every angel therefore is its own species and distinct from others as one kind of animal is from another.  God is rich in this multitude of angels and whoever knows this, knows the kingdom of God............

God gives to all things alike and as they proceed from God they are alike ….. A flea, to the extent that it is in God, ranks above the highest angel in his own right.  Thus in God, all things are equal and of God himself …. In this likeness or identity God takes such delight that he pours his whole nature and being into it ….. It is his pleasure and rapture to discover identity, because he can always put his whole nature into it – for he is this identity itself.

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Meister Eckhart

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