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Rig Veda - The All Maker



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Three quotes all attempting to show the difference between the Ultimate Intelligence and the 'Creator' that is the numerous Intelligences that have taken over the role of Creator

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The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

You cannot find him who created these creatures; another has come between you.  Those who recite the hymns are glutted with the pleasures of life; they wander about wrapped up in the mist and stammering nonsense........

Our father, who created and set in order and knows all forms, all worlds, who all alone gave names to the gods, he is the one to whom all other creatures come to ask questions..........

The All-Maker is vast in mind and vast in strength.  He is the one who forms, who sets in order, and who is the highest image

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Rig veda, the

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