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Tranströmer, Tomas - Sailor's Tale



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Sailor's Tale [translated by Robert Bly

There are stark winter days when the sea has links
to the mountain areas, hunched over in feathery grayness,
blue for a moment, and then the waves for hours are like pale
lynxes, trying to get a grip on the gravelly shore.

On a day like that wrecks leave the sea and go looking for
their owners, surrounded by noise in the city, and drowned
crews blow toward land, more delicate than pipe smoke.

[In the Far North the real lynx walks, with sharpened claws
and dream eyes. In the Far North where the day
lives in a pit night and day.

There the sole survivor sits by the furnace
of the Northern Lights, and listens to the music
coming from the men frozen to death.)


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Tranströmer, Tomas

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