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Saint-Saens - Oratorio de Noel



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Saint-saens - Oratorio de Noel

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I, personally have known cases of telepathy, of prescience of the future..

In the far off days when I lived in the upper part of the Fauberg Saint-Honore, I worked hard.  When I was up to my ears in work, I suddenly thought of a lady of my acquaintance.  Some moments afterwards - the time it would take to pass through the courtyard and go up the stairs - some one rang; it was the lady of whom I had thought.  The first few times I believed it chance; but the twentieth time!  This phenomenon lasted several years.
In my youth, a painter, a friend of mine, showed me a picture he intended to submit for the annual Exposition.  He had not yet exhibited the work and did not know whether the picture would be accepted.  Looking at it, I saw  it in the first room of the Palais de l'Industrie, in a certain place at the top of the stairs.  On the day the salon opened I went there, and saw the picture placed as I had foreseen.

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