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Monroe, Robert - Key steps for achieving out of body



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The technology used was hemi-sync

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Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

When you have obtained the vibrational state, there are definite guidelines to follow. The utilization of this condition under conscious control is the goal you are seeking. To accomplish this, there are careful procedures to observe. They should, of course, be followed in sequence, in the order presented.

There is no evidence to indicate that this vibrational state has a deleterious effect on either the mind or the physical body. Here, then, are some procedures that can be applied systematically. They are a distillate of literally hundreds of trial-and-error experiments. 

Acclimatisation and accommodation.

This is a way of saying that you should let yourself get accustomed to the feel of this unusual condition. All fear and panic must be eliminated when you feel waves like an electric shock without pain permeating your body. The best method seems to be to do nothing when they occur. Lie quietly and objectively analyse them until they fade away of their own accord.  This usually takes place in about five minutes. After several such experiences, you will realize you are not being electrocuted.  Try to avoid panicky struggling to break the paralytic condition. You can break it by sitting up with great force of will, but you will be disappointed with yourself for doing so.  After all, this was what you were trying to achieve. 

Manipulation and modulation.

Once you have eliminated the fear reactions, you are ready for control steps. First, mentally "direct" the vibrations into a ring, or force them all into your head. Then mentally push them down along your body to your toes, then back up to your head. Start them sweeping in a wave over your body rhythmically, from head to toes and then back again. After you have given the wave momentum, let it proceed of its own accord until it fades away.  It should take about ten seconds - five down, five back - for the wave to make the complete circuit, from head to toes and back. Practice this until the vibration wave begins instantly upon mental command, and moves steadily until fade-out.

By this time, you will have noticed the "roughness" of the vibrations at times, as if your body is being severely shaken right down to the molecular or atomic level. This may be somewhat uncomfortable, and you will feel a desire to "smooth" them out. This is accomplished by "pulsing" them mentally to increase their frequency. Their original vibratory rate seems to be on the order of some twenty-seven cycles per second (this is the rate of the vibration itself, not the head-to-toe frequency). The pattern responds to this pulsing command very subtly and slowly at first. Your first indication of success is when the vibrations no longer seem rough and shaking. You are well on your way to control when they produce a steady, solid effect.

It is essential that you learn and apply this speed-up process. The faster vibration effect is the form that permits disassociation from the physical.  Once you have set the momentum of the speed-up, the acceleration seems to take place automatically. Eventually, you may sense the vibrations only as they begin. They will increase their frequency – like a motor starting  - until the frequency is so high that you are unable to perceive it. At this phase, the sensory effect is one of body warmth, slightly tingling, but not excessively so.

Consistent achievement of this stage is the sign that you are ready for the first physical disassociation experiments.

Another word of warning is in order here.  Beyond this point, I believe you cannot turn back.  Ultimately, you will be committed to the reality of this other existence.  How this will affect your personality, your daily life, your future and your philosophies rests entirely with you as an individual.  For once you have been "opened" to this other reality, you cannot completely shut it out again, try as might.  The pressure of material affairs may sublimate it for a time, but it will return. You cannot always stay on guard against its reopening. As you start to sleep or awaken, when you merely relax, the vibrational surge may come without call.  You can shut it off, of course, but eventually you become too tired to bother – and you are off on another excursion.  You sense that you have been fighting against yourself.

And who wants to fight one’s self – at the price of a good night’s sleep!

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Monroe, Robert

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