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Madam Home - D D Home his life his mission - Testimony of Mrs. Honywood, Mrs. E, the Earl of Crawford (then Lord Lindsay), and Captain Gerard Smith, of the Scots Fusilier Guards 02



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Madam Home - D D Home his life his mission

In their evidence given before the Dialectical Society, Mrs. Honywood and the Earl of Crawford described the very startling phenomena that occurred at a seance held on the 17th of March 1869, at the residence of a Mrs. E., who did not permit her name to be published.

There were present Mrs. Honywood, Mrs. E, the Earl of Crawford (then Lord Lindsay), Captain Gerard Smith, of the Scots Fusilier Guards, and Mr. Home. The room was well lighted all the time of the seance:

Resuming the joint narrative of Mrs. Honywood and Lord Lindsay:

Mr. Home then walked to the fireplace, and thrust the chimney among the red-hot coals, where he left it for four or five minutes, then took it in both hands. He went to the table, took a lucifer match from a box, and, handing it to the lady of the house, desired her to touch the glass with it. The match instantly ignited; and having called our attention to this fact, he observed:

'The tongue and lips are the most sensitive parts of the body,' and thrust the heated glass into his mouth, applying especially his tongue to it. ...

Going to the fire, Mr. Home moved the red embers about with his hand, and selected a small red-hot coal, which he placed in the glass chimney. He approached Mrs. E.; and saying, 'I have a present for you,' shook it out on her white muslin dress. Catching up the coal in dismay, Mrs. E. tossed it to Lord Lindsay, who, unable to retain it in his hand, threw it from palm to palm, till he reached the grate and flung it in. While we were all looking at the white muslin dress and wondering that it was not singed or soiled, Mr. Home approached, and, in a hurt tone of voice, said:

'No, no, you will not find a mark. Did you think that we would injure your dress?'

This wonderful phenomenon of preservation from fire was repeated with a spray of white flowers, taken from a vase on the table, which flowers were held by Mr. Home in the fire of the grate and then in the smoke rising from the coals, without their being injured or their pure white colour so much as dimmed.

Shortly afterwards Mr. Home awoke from his trance, and the seance closed.

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Home, D. D.

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