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Schneider, Rudi - Seance with Herr Karl Amereller and Harry Price in Munich, March 1929



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Harry Price then decided he needed to step in and he visited Munich in March 1929, to ascertain what was happening to the Schneider boys. He found that Willi had passed his final dental examination and was busily engaged in his profession but that Rudi was still in Munich, more or less undecided as to his future movements, but engaged, protem, in assisting Herr Karl Amereller, a clever electrician, who had fitted up Krall's laboratory. And from this we get our fist observation as Amereller arranged a séance for Price.

A description of the experience

Harry Price - Rudi Schneider – A scientific examination of his mediumship [Introduction]

Through the good offices of Fraulein Dr. Gerda Walther, who was Baron Schrenck's secretary, I made contact with Herr Amereller, who impressed me as being a very agreeable and intelligent person.

I understand that Amereller has a flourishing business and employs a number of men. I rather took to him.

Through the kindness of Herr Amereller a seance with Rudi was arranged for my benefit-the first experiments since the death of Schrenck. The seance was held on March 21st in Amereller's flat, which is not on the street level.

I assisted in hanging a pair of curtains across one corner of the principal living-room: this formed the traditional 'cabinet'. In front of the opening in the curtains we placed a small, low table, over which we suspended a hanging electric lamp, regulated by means of a rheostat.

The circle consisted of Dr. Gerda Walther, Amereller, a young woman school-teacher from Konigsberg, a Herr Neidhart, and myself. All these sitters were strangers to me and (with the exception of Amereller) to Dr. Walther, whom I had met for the first time only a few days previously.

I controlled the medium. With his legs between mine and my hands grasping his wrists, he was completely immobilized. The lady on my left (the schoolmistress) also held Rudi's arms with her right hand. AII the other sitters were linked up in orthodox fashion.

The phenomena were good, and consisted of the usual billowing of the curtains, attempted levitation of the table, raps to order, etc., in a red light sufficiently powerful to see the phenomena.

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Schneider, Rudi

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