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Cassidy, Joe - hands-on healing



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Joe Cassidy

Book: The Diviner

My hands-on healing works on energy that is blocked in the body. When I give someone a healing, the general procedure is always the same. I ask them to remove their shoes and their jacket, and to lie back on a plinth. I always play music to relax them. At the moment I tend to play music by the blind singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. Sometimes people become so relaxed that they actually fall asleep. That happens in about 30 per cent of cases.

I always start the healing by placing my hand on the person's forehead. I then go to the top of their chest, to each side of their stomach and then to their feet. After that I'll go back to their head again.

I instinctively know which part of a person needs healing and I am drawn to that area. I always heal with my left hand. My right hand doesn't have the same power. I use my left hand to get a person's energy flowing again, and people tell me that they feel a sensation of heat or tingling.

When I started out I used this procedure instinctively, and it's the same procedure that I use today. I use this procedure for everyone, regardless of what they present with. Healings work with all kinds of conditions, from the physical to the emotional.

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Cassidy, Joe

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