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Monroe, Robert - Shape shifting and out of body



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The technology used was hemi-sync

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Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

 If your thought habits have been in other directions, you may take whatever form is most convenient, deliberately or otherwise. I suspect that one may modify the Second Body into whatever form is desired. Once the thought is discarded, the Second Body will drop back into its habitual humanoid shape. This opens up some interesting speculation into man's mythology. If one wished to experience the existence of a  quadruped, the Second Body might be transformed temporarily into a large dog, and someone with Second State vision (there probably are many such people) might encounter a werewolf. Or the fables of half man, half goat/horse could be the result. One might "think" wings and fly, and be transformed momentarily into a vampire bat. It seems less impossible when one experiments with the power of thought in the Second State.

To put it another way, there seems to be nothing that thought cannot produce in this new-old other life. This invites a note of caution in large red letters: be absolutely sure of the results you desire and constantly in control of the thoughts you engender.

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Monroe, Robert

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