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Beethoven - 5th Symphony



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He may have been deaf, but he could still listen to the music in his head


E. M. FORSTER. From Howard's End (1910; Penguin edn., 1946), ch. v, p.26.

'Beethoven chose to make all right in the end. He built the ramparts up. He blew with his mouth for the second time, and again the goblinswere scattered. He brought back the gusts of splendour, the heroism, the youth, the magnificence of life and of death, and amid vast roarings of a superhuman joy, he led his Fifth Symphony to its conclusion.

But the goblins were there. They could return. He had said so bravely, and that is why one can trust Beethoven when he says other things.

Helen pushed her way out during the applause. She desired to be alone. The music had summed up to her all that had happened or could happen in her career. She read it as a tangible statement, which could never be superseded. The notes meant this and that to her, and they could have no other meaning, and life could have no other meaning.

She pushed right out of the building, and walked slowly down the outside staircase, breathing the autumnal air, and then she strolled home.'

A description of the experience

Manic Depression and Creativity – D Jablow Hershman and Dr Julian Lieb

While Beethoven was composing, his head would become hot and he found it necessary to cool off from time to time.  He did this by dousing himself with water, which would run onto the floor and through the ceiling of the room below.  When Beethoven had a musical idea but no paper, he would write on the window shutters.  The scribbling and inundations contributed to his difficulties with landlords...............

At times Beethoven's social manias would turn into working manias.  His companion Schindler saw the composer roll his eyes or stare upwards or downwards, eyes bulging, when inspiration struck.  Schindler adds 'These moments of sudden inspiration often would surprise him in the midst of the gayest company or in the street and usually attracted the liveliest attention of all passers by'

Beethoven's 5th Symphony


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