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Poincare, Henri - The process of illumination



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The 'subliminal ego' is the Higher spirit

Taken from Poincaré's famous lectures before the Société de Psychologie in Paris - published as Science and Hypothesis;The Value of Science, and Science and Method.

A description of the experience

Science and Method, Chapter 3, Mathematical Discovery, 1914 - Poincare

It is certain that the combinations which present themselves to the mind in a kind of sudden illumination after a somewhat prolonged period of unconscious work are generally useful and fruitful combinations... all the combinations are formed as a result of the automatic action of the subliminal ego, but those only which are interesting find their way into the field of consciousness...

A few only are harmonious, and consequently at once useful and beautiful, and they will be capable of affecting the geometrician's special sensibility I have been speaking of; which, once aroused, will direct our attention upon them, and will thus give them the opportunity of becoming conscious... In the subliminal ego, on the contrary, there reigns what I would call liberty, if one could give this name to the mere absence of discipline and to disorder born of chance.

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Poincare, Henri

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