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Morrells, Luce cliffs and sheep



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I was walking clockwise [left] around a cliff face. The path was about 5 foot wide and I was with a 'guide' who was vague and unrecognisable but who was always in front. The path led its way through quite thick but low undergrowth- fairly tropical in nature but pleasant and green. Given how frightened I am of heights I suspect this was constructed for me so that I didn't freeze with fear, because we were extremely high, thousands of feet above a rather blue grey sea.

We were walking in the direction of the sea which was in front of us and we seemed to be going round a truly enormous mountain. How tall this thing was I cannot judge but it dwarfed everything around it, it seemed to go up forever to my right whenever I looked up. Hugely daunting. The guide said not to look up because I would just be discouraged and to concentrate on going forwards.

To my left as we walked around the path I could clearly see a long line of much lower cliffs far below me, stretching into the distance. The sea came right up to the cliffs and was beating against them, but we were so high that it was almost impossible to see any waves. The cliffs seemed to be formed into a series of wave like forms almost like small mini mountains, but with the back of them more accessible than the side from the sea.

Way, way below me was a chasm which plunged down into the depths and whose bottom was totally out of sight. The sides of the cliff were all covered in vegetation to the very depths. I suppose it was a sort of river valley, I could see at sea level what looked like the outlet for a river of some sort.

On the opposite side of the chasm the cliffs rose up to the next mountain – far smaller than the one I was on, but fairly significant nonetheless. My guide stopped me to make sure I took all this in and pointed to a large flat space on the side of the mountain. It was a vast area of relatively level ground, all grassed over, but with a slight slope towards a sheer drop towards the chasm. The cliffs which fell from this ground had no vegetation and were the same odd silvery colour as the rest of the cliffs along the coast.

On this slope were thousands and thousands of what looked like sheep, tiny dots of things all in a group, a vast flock of aimless little beings. First they went one way, perhaps a small group would go then all the rest would follow, then another group would break away and a few seconds later all the rest would follow. Sometimes they would get to the sheer drop and I thought they would all topple over, but no they stopped just in time and all stood on the edge looking down before heading off again. No purpose, seemingly directionless and clueless, all looking for a leader who knew where to go and none finding one. We seemed to watch them for ages but they never did anything different.

My guide didn't say anything by way of explanation, but he did laugh and then we just moved on........

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Morrells, Luce

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