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Viscount Adare - Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr D D Home – 30 We all distinctly heard a spirit voice joining in our laughter



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We had all the usual physical phenomena, though not very strongly; the chief feature of the seance being the amount of conversation carried on through the alphabet; and by spirits assenting or differing from what we said by rapping “Yes" or “No" upon the table, furniture, &c. Raps came on Augusta's couch, and it was moved about, and the head part raised a little.

After these manifestations a message was given. ”Darling, this is G- H-;” and immediately afterward. ”We all wish to see you thus," and her couch was again raised at the head, completing the sentence: “We all wish to see you thus raised up.”

The table moved about, and, was tilted up sometimes to one side, and sometimes to another. A whistle that was on the table did not move when the table was tilted in any direction, except towards Augusta ; when it was tilted towards her the whistle rolled.

 In answer to a question as to the cause of this, they said, “From a want of influence on that side." They told us they did not withdraw any influence from Augusta, as it would weaken her. They afterwards turned the table round, so as to have the side at which Emmy had been sitting next Augusta, the side which had been next to Augusta came opposite to Home.

This equalized the magnetic influence round the table. At the same time we were told that they were desirous of showing their presence by messages rather than by physical manifestations.

This table was raised in the air about 18 inches, and remained poised for some little time. Emmy's dress was pulled and shaken; Home's chair was moved. Having been told, through the alphabet, to put the white cloth on the table, we did so. We saw, and were touched by hands moving under the cloth. A flower in Home's button-hole was taken away, and carried underneath the table; I heard it moving there. Presently the same flower was thrown from behind Augusta's couch; it touched her face, and then fell upon the floor. It was taken up, and a hand and arm came from behind her couch, and placed it gently against her cheek, and gave it to her.

Emmy said, “I saw the hand and arm."

A message was given “A hand, with the flower from K-.”

Home also saw the arm; I did not. Some other manifestations were made about Augusta's couch, and the words, ”It was G- H-“ given. We then heard a sharp noise that we took to be the chirping of a bird under the table, and we heard something moving underneath the table. The message was given “We hope soon you will not require * * *;” and at the same moment a heavy handle, used for winding up the couch, was raised from under the table, and placed in Augusta's hand, implying that they hoped soon she would be able to raise herself. The name “G-H” was given to shew who had made the manifestation.

We found that the chirping sound we had heard was caused by the handle of the lever turning while being moved under the table. This chirping was imitated exactly by a spirit at some distance behind us in the centre of the room.

We now had a very wonderful manifestation. We were merry about something or other, and we all distinctly heard a spirit voice joining in our laughter ; it sounded quite clear and loud.

Home asked if it was to shew that they liked to see us happy and were happy themselves; the answer was “Yes; God is so good." Soon after this the message was given-“Daniel is exhausted, and all manifestations ceased. During the séance Emmy and Augusta saw shadowy forms, hands, and arms.

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Home, D. D.

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